Package com.openharbor.beck.unmarshal

Interface Summary
DocumentReferenceUnmarshaller An Unmarshaller that postpones evaluation of its value until after the rest of the XML document has been copied to Java.
ObjectFactory Instantiates objects unmarshalled from XML.
Unmarshaller Maps an XML attribute or element to a Java object or primitive value.

Class Summary
ArrayUnmarshaller Maps to a collection, with members mapped from contained elements.
CollectionUnmarshaller Maps to a collection, with members mapped from contained elements.
ContractionUnmarshaller Maps two levels of the XML tree to one level of the object tree.
DanglingUnmarshaller An unmarshaller that may call addToParent later than afterEndObject.
DateUnmarshaller Maps to a java.util.Date object.
DefaultObjectFactory Instantiates objects using Class.newInstance().
DefaultUnmarshaller Shared code, inherited by most kinds of Unmarshaller.
EnumerationUnmarshaller Unmarshals an enumeration that has a static parse method.
GroupUnmarshaller Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
JavaBeanUnmarshaller Maps to a JavaBean, with properties mapped from attributes and contained elements.
NonUnmarshaller Maps to nothing; ignores the XML data and adds nothing to its parent object.
PrimitiveUnmarshaller Maps to a Java primitive type or primitive wrapper object.
ReferenceUnmarshaller Maps an XML cross-reference (e.g.
StringUnmarshaller Maps to a Java String object.
XPathUnmarshaller Maps an XPath cross-reference to a Java reference.
XsiTypeUnmarshaller Maps an element to a Java class, using the element's xsi:type attribute (as though it were an element name) to compute the class name.

Exception Summary
DisengagedException Erroneous attempt to use an object that is not currently engaged.