Class XsiTypeUnmarshaller

  extended bycom.openharbor.beck.unmarshal.DefaultUnmarshaller
      extended bycom.openharbor.beck.unmarshal.JavaBeanUnmarshaller
          extended bycom.openharbor.beck.unmarshal.XsiTypeUnmarshaller
All Implemented Interfaces:
MapFromXML.Aware, Unmarshaller

public class XsiTypeUnmarshaller
extends JavaBeanUnmarshaller

Maps an element to a Java class, using the element's xsi:type attribute (as though it were an element name) to compute the class name. xsi:type is often used to represent polymorphism in XML; that is, a situation in which the XML type of an element is not strictly a function of its element name. This unmarshaller attempts to map such an element to Java polymorphism. It relies on the MapFromXML (which usually delegates to a Namer) to map the xsi:type name to a Java class name.

Field Summary
static XMLName XSI_TYPE
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data, documentState, log
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void startObject(java.util.Map documentState, Unmarshaller parent, XMLThing source)
          Begin mapping an object from an XML element or attribute.
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Field Detail


public static final XMLName XSI_TYPE
Constructor Detail


public XsiTypeUnmarshaller()
Method Detail


public void startObject(java.util.Map documentState,
                        Unmarshaller parent,
                        XMLThing source)
                 throws java.lang.Exception
Description copied from interface: Unmarshaller
Begin mapping an object from an XML element or attribute.

Specified by:
startObject in interface Unmarshaller
startObject in class DefaultUnmarshaller