Interface DocumentReferenceUnmarshaller

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public interface DocumentReferenceUnmarshaller
extends Unmarshaller

An Unmarshaller that postpones evaluation of its value until after the rest of the XML document has been copied to Java.

Field Summary
static XMLWriter.MapKey UNRESOLVED
Method Summary
 void resolve(OHXPathProcessor resolver, java.lang.Object root)
          Either resolve this reference or conclude that it can't be resolved.
Methods inherited from interface com.openharbor.beck.unmarshal.Unmarshaller
addChild, addValue, disengage, endObject, engage, getChildClass, getObject, getObjectClass, getParent, getSource, getSourceXPath, getXMLContext, setObject, setObjectClass, setXMLContext, startObject

Field Detail


public static final XMLWriter.MapKey UNRESOLVED
Method Detail


public void resolve(OHXPathProcessor resolver,
                    java.lang.Object root)
             throws java.lang.Exception
Either resolve this reference or conclude that it can't be resolved. If the reference is resolved, setObject(referent); otherwise setParent(null). The caller will subsequently pass this Unmarshaller to MapFromXML.recycle.

resolver - an XPath context with the same mapping etc. that were used to copy the root object from XML.
root - the object that was copied from the XML root element.
java.lang.Exception - something went wrong