Beck maps between Java objects and XML.  The mapping is configurable via an XML configuration file.  It can be extended by adding Java software to Beck's framework. 

Beck isn't a binding tool. It doesn't generate Java classes from XML schema, nor generate XML schema from Java classes.  Beck assumes you already have Java classes to contain your data.  Beck doesn't require an XML schema, but if you have one it can help Beck map to the XML you want. 

Beck is immature.  The initial developers got it working fairly well, but it's incomplete and probably full of bugs.  You're invited to continue Beck's development

There's a forum for public discussion of Beck. 

Getting Started

Download the latest release from SourceForge. You can unpack it with WinZip, or the command line `gzip -dc Beck-v*.tar.gz | tar -xvof -`.

Documentation and examples with source code are included in each release.

Beck depends on other software.  To run Beck, you'll need to get copies of some of the .jar files listed in release.txt (or compatible versions), and place them in the Java classpath.  The examples\run.bat script illustrates how to set the classpath (for Windows). 

Beck is distributed under the Mozilla Public License.