Beck needs you.  No one is developing Beck, currently; and you're invited to take it over.  If you'd like to use the infrastructure here at SourceForge, just ask the caretaker

The source code is publicly available.  You can download a copy thus:

cvs -z3 checkout -P java

(Simply press [enter] if prompted for a password.)

To get the version of the source from which a release was built:

cvs etc... checkout -P -r version java

where version is the suffix of the name of the released .tar.gz file.  For example, `checkout -P -r v0_8 java` will get the source from which Beck-v0_8.tar.gz was built (long ago).

There's a forum for public discussion. 

The initial developers were John Kristian and Ilya Netchitailo.  They used Beck to copy Java objects to and from SOAP messages, in commercial web services at Open Harbor.  They also used Beck to construct complex objects and examine objects' content (in XML form).  They've stopped doing that work, since Open Harbor went out of business on November 1, 2004.

Beck is distributed under the Mozilla Public License, which means (in part) that people who improve it must not hoard their improvements (see the license section 3.2).  Or at least that's how I understand it.  I am not a lawyer.

Please contribute your improvements to the Beck project here at SourceForge, as outlined above.